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  • Jeff, so sorry about not seeing this! I didn't know this feature was even here. DUH...

    Anytime you dump raw fuel into the cylinders as we were, it can wash out the rings causing the ring to wall seal to be broken. The raw fuel will wash the oil away ESPECIALLY if it's a fresh build. We didn't do that, thankfully. The car ran 10.18 @ 128 the next weekend, so we figured that out.

    030 over 340 block
    KB 745 flat tops, .025 out of the deck
    SCAT I-beams
    Forged 4.00" crank
    Bullet solid flat tappet cam. (268/276 @ .050 / .584 lift after lash)
    RHS iron heads, 2.02 intake w/ 1.5 rockers
    Eddy Victor intake with a blended plenium, stock ports
    30 year old Holley 4780-2 (800 cfm...852 after it's "tune up")
    Hooker 1 3/4 headers, 3 1/2" collectors and Bullet muffs **correction: 3" collectors
    2.45 low 904 w/custom 8" converter. (5200 RPM at the hit)
    4.56 with a 29.5 tall slick
    Cal Tracs with Calvert's mono spring

    Hopefully has a 10.0/130+ in it after I "un-screw-up" the valvetrain!!
    Duster what do you mean by washing out a ring when you were running the carb rich ,my 408 is at the shop after 5 miles on a new engine i ran it 3 times down the track i have a modified 830 cfm pro systems carb something was not right my best run was 11.46 @117 mph we did a leakdown test after the runs and one cylinder was losing 37 percent the next one we checked was losing 65 percent its 11;1 compression W2 heads ported i went to the machine shop today he said the cylinders didnt look bad but the rings didnt look good ,he ordered new rings , i had a hard time starting the car when i first got it back new could i have washed out the rings trying to start it flooding it out ,i dont want to go through this again its a brand new engine ,i was reall hoping for high 10 can you tell me your combo , compression,heads ,rear carb cam ,carb, exhaust, etc...
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