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  1. DusterJoe410.4 replied to the thread Disc brake conversion master cylinder question..

    Thanks for the info guys! Now I know what I need to look for. I have this master posted in the for trade section if anyone has a 15/16”...

    Feb 11, 2019 at 3:54 PM
  2. DusterJoe410.4 posted a new thread.

    Disc brake conversion master cylinder question.

    I’m converting my 71 Duster to 73-^ BBP disc brakes and 11” BBP drum rear brakes. The car will have manual brakes, and I’m trying to...

    49E13C80-3AD0-449D-B485-DAF89119494C.jpeg 070EE86D-79B7-45ED-A359-68B49329EA27.jpeg 8C9375A1-329C-445C-90AC-4C7FDE9805C1.jpeg

    Forum: Brakes for your Classic Mopar

    Feb 11, 2019 at 6:05 AM
  3. DusterJoe410.4 attached a file to the thread [FOR TRADE] NEW 73-up power disc brake master.

    Here’s some pictures of what the one I have to trade.[ATTACH][ATTACH][ATTACH][ATTACH]

    F7130423-EB3F-4F28-8D6E-E3039318D613.jpeg DD3809AE-969E-4FA7-A7FA-C358E34776CB.jpeg A82BAE33-E86F-44E6-9FAE-5E3313CBB3FB.jpeg 906D35A8-20A5-4892-8E8C-00198DB94105.jpeg Feb 10, 2019
  4. DusterJoe410.4 attached a file to the thread [WANTED] used 73-74 black bucket seat cover.

    here’s some pictures of what I have for reference.[ATTACH][ATTACH][ATTACH]

    1EDA12FC-EBA7-4FDB-8546-D60F5FFC0DC9.jpeg 77BF3624-4434-4E82-97C5-28ED88B9ABE7.jpeg 7D2E7FE9-C436-4753-B8E7-4D83E43261A4.jpeg Feb 10, 2019
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