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  • Hi Fishy68, I'm originally from Pana, IL, do you know where that's at? I've never heard of Bugtussell, where's that at?
    Hi Adrian. I'm going to PM you my ph. # as there are several things that can cause low power. I think it'd be much quicker if we talked on the ph. Tracy
    Hi there.
    This is completely unrelated to A bodies or Mopars in general. I came across a post where you mentioned having worked for Hyster Forklifts. Ironically I own one and use it frequently in my shop.

    I've been having trouble with it being underpowered. For instance, it struggles going up minor inclines even without any load. Hydraulics work fine, in fact that's how I found your post under 'Oil Pressure Fluctuation' where you mentioned the hydraulic relief valves could get clogged.

    If you have any idea on what could be the issue, it would be greatly appreciated. I was thinking it could be the transmission, perhaps low fluid or something of that nature. It's a Hyster 40.

    Thanks- Adrian
    fishy 68 have a ? for ya .... when you apply air to the hole for applied pressure of the frt band is there air supposed to come through to the case where the drums an that are ... it does not do that fro the rear band just the frt one
    Hey Dartman good deal! Yes Dacco is a good company. I have ordered from them several times too. Good luck on the project and you have a merry Christmas too.
    hello fishy68 dartman down here in fla (merry christmas ) well santa came a little early this year an brought me a converter 3200to 3500 stall i got it from dacco for 297 plus tax we'll see how it works frt an rear bans kevlar 14 & 19 $ each .. this co been around for 50 years or so out of mephis tenn ive bought other trans parts from them but never any hp parts so where going to try again today to get 2nd gear back ..... have a good christmas stay warm see ya on the boards
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