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  • Actually I don't. I haven't been doing much car stuff this last year and sold off my 71 Demon project car. I still have my Duster but haven't driven it in quite some time. I'm more into offroading and just bought a 2005 Jeep Wrangler. I'm trying to sell moff some of my car stuff to pay for lift, tires, etc.
    Thanks!! It's about fun and doing something different for me. No cookie cutter cars for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With a build like mine your never done LOL
    Hi, thanks for the comments, they changed to the hemi in the model after this, about 1970, they didnt have a wagon in the valiants in the states?
    Happy Birthday!!!

    Bruce B.

    Give me a call this weekend I am helping a guy make a '71 Swinger 340 1/18 diecast. 478-320-1154
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