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    [FOR SALE] 1967 Barracuda Notchback

    no all junk
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    [FOR SALE] Black defroster vents

    No broken studs.Plastic is not chauky or brittle $12pr.Keene NH.US Postal money order only
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    [FOR SALE] 1967-8 Floor shifter

    Not pretty but it works.Switch is there.$15,Keene NH.US Postal money order only
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    [FOR SALE] 14 ich x4 inch steel wheel

    Bead ares has pitting,Rim has been put on a balancer and is straight.I will not chase part #s or logo or other info.Priced to sell quick $25,Keene NH.US Postal money order only.I will require a business address to ship to
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    [FOR SALE] V-8 steel 5.5 inch wide rim

    This rim has been run on a balancer and is straight.Some pitting along the lip area.Will clean up and be a very good piece,once blasted and restored..I will not chase dates,part#s or penta star logo or an other kind of info on this rim to make the sale..I am pricing this to sell for a nicely...
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    [FOR SALE] Small block 318/340 oil pan with pick-up tube

    Pan does not have any holes,straight for the age.Some pitting,but not alot,Pick up still has oil on it...Pan # is in the picture.I will not sperate these 2 items. $55pr, Keene NH. US Postal money order only. I will on this item I will require a Business address to ship to.
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    [FOR SALE] small block timing cover

    This is dirty,but worked fine $20.Keene NH.US Postal money order only
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    [FOR SALE] 741 cased fine spline yoke also straps with bolts

    Clean no issues.yoke $18,straps and bolts $6.Keene NH.US Postal money order only
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    [FOR SALE] 273/318 air cleaner

    This is a clean air cleaner.Never cut.Straight.Only $20,Keene NH.US Postal money order only
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    [FOR SALE] small block Water pump pulley off 273

    Dont know if its straight.Car didnt run.$5,Shipping will be more then the part.Keene NH.US Postal money order only
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    [FOR SALE] Center link `67 up

    Came out of a 273 car.$20.Keene NH.US Postal money order only
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    [FOR SALE] Carburetor adapter

    Anyone need an adapter? I believe I have since removed the studs from when picture was taken.$10.Keene NH.US Postal money order only
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    [FOR SALE] big block alternator bracket

    Just this item,$8.Keene NH.US Postal money order only
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    [FOR SALE] 727 Pan with bolts and magnet

    Clean condition.No repairs.Does not leak.$20.Keene NH.US Postal money order only