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    driveshaft shortening

    I run a nontapered 1350 ujoint u bolt pinion on my 8.75 with an OEM snubber with no issues.
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    Car Weight

    67 Dart sedan 3420 with me (140 lbs) in it track scales. All glass and metal, 340 iron head/999/GVOD/8.75, steel wheels, no heat or cage, driver seat only, frame connectors, 11 gal of fuel, 20 lbs of my stuff; tool bag, small cooler.
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    To My brothers on Veterans day

    25 years USAF - 71 and 56RQS
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    Gas Mileage query Holley 318

    At 2k-2400 rpm you are still running on the idle circuit and haven't fully transitioned to the primary jets. Pin the IFR size and see what size they are. Reduce the IFR in .001 increments until it stumbles, then go back up .001. If the carb is 4 corner idle do both metering blocks. Vacuum...
  5. mderoy340 Any opinions on them?

    Florida. I buy all my driveline from Dr Diff.
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    A bit of info on a 360

    1976-’88 Chrysler installed the bigger starter on the 360 in ’76, so the bolt boss for the transmission brace on the left side was moved forward one inch to provide more clearance for the starter. These engines all had flat tappet cams. The castings were 4179930, 4006830 and 4045610. Also if...
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    Used gears, safe storage

    spray em with LPS3 and drop in a ziploc bag
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    8 3/4" sure-grip swap and rebuild questions

    Yes. I also retorque several times after running a while. Leaks normally start around the stud area on my stuff.
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    8 3/4" sure-grip swap and rebuild questions

    I use aviation nonhardening sealant on the lower half only.
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    Choice for EDM solid flat tappet lifter.

    I've used Howard's and Comp Cams EDMs and they are the same lifter visually. I measured both by dimension and they were the same. They work great.
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    8 3/4" sure-grip swap and rebuild questions

    I check gear pattern in 4 places after setting backlash to gear manufacture instructions. Every time you change the shim the procedure needs to be the same.
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    Going to take a crack at Index racing next year

    Throttle stop or mufflers will work.
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    Looking for details comment on Stroker Comp Cam

    That cam would be happier in a real 12:1 motor IMO.
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    Rustoleom high temp bbq silver. Sprays color evenly and holds up good. Two light coats.