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  • I also want to quote portions of the article in an update to a previous Post. Could we go back to Plan A? Could you please mail me that magazine and I will mail it back to you when I am done with it?

    Frank Stankiewicz
    4301 Donnely Rd.
    Jackson, Mi 49201

    Thanks again Kevin
    Hello Kevin. Thank you so much for the article. The weird thing is that I can hardly read it all. It is a very enlightening article though. I have had oil starvation and bearing issues with my 340 and am thinking about making an oil pan baffle.
    Hello mopar74. Do you mean my mailing address? If you have a scanner on your printer, you could just scan it in and email it to me. If not, I can scan that article in, post it for everyone to read and send the magazine back to you. Thank you very much....Frank
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