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    Not mine but…

    Sad and tragic loss…..yes it is a real deal the only thing holding this together is the roof……
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    Not mine but…

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    Not mine but…

    1940 Plymouth 2 door sedan 90% complete needs a deck lid. Located at US Auto in Sterling Hts. Michigan. I was told the asking price was $3,500 looks very savable.
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    Could use some prayers....

    Well said.
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    Column shift converting to B&M floor shifter

    First and foremost make sure you have a GOOD battery to chassis ground.
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    Launches right, dives left

    Worn out leaf spring bushings?
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    Getting screwed over on a payment for a parts purchase?

    They will both be banned from EBay
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    Getting screwed over on a payment for a parts purchase?

    Sometimes it’s just better to pay the 3%
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    1972 Dart or Demon in 1/25?

    Hemi Hunter Dart is a repop of the LA Dart and is a ‘71 Dart.
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    [SOLD] 70 dart

    The vin is on the speaker tray on the driver’s side
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    [FOR SALE] One owner 1967 valiant 100 b3 blue project car

    Can we get a closer picture of the color under where the door handle was removed from?
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    [SOLD] 70 dart

    What are the red flags the call it a ‘71? Enlighten those of us that are interested in this car.
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    Great news mopar racers

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    Why is it so hard?????

    It’s called being a man with a hobby that has a meaning.
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    [FOR SALE] Mopar A Body Engine Motor Mounts Dart Valiant Cuda 1963-1966 V8 340 360

    Is the pictured set prices at $375 still up for grabs it has rubber biscuits that look new a friend of mine would be interested in them.