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  • Hey Willy, thanks for the BD wishes...I think!! LOL. Hope you n yours are having a great Christmas and New Years. Been tooo long bud, gotta have a get together one of these days!
    Hey Randy!!! Good to hear from you. Damn, wish I was going, but I have to take Jr up to Havelock for the weekend. Glad to hear the Valiant is cruising again.
    Hey Bill how you been? valiants going to make an apperance this year at m fest hope to see you there, almost ready waiting on caliper rebuilds and next will be getting the biggest cooler of beer possible into trunk for moparfest
    Bill, how are you, I am thinking about getting the 71 prettied up. Where did you get your car painted? Waterdown Collision? Also I was able to get a 1970 340 hood (with the holes cut) as well as some OEM scoops. I think for this year I will throw the 340 exhaust manifolds on with duals and tips and drive it while I start the front discs on the 65. Unless I win the lottery :)
    Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!! You made me laugh, and thanks for the "good luck" on my picks!! I need some badly this season for some reason, I can see a march to the top coming though.... so you all better watch out!!!!
    lol tanks bill i know iam younger but feeling so old almost 30 in 2 more years yikes!!! how you been? iam still on search for rotors

    You posted a pic of what might be a copper Dodge Dart at http://www.forabodiesonly.com/mopar/showthread.php?t=28479 . Is that actually Medium Copper Metallic, or is it the Burnt Orange?

    I have a 67 Dart GT that is Med. Copper Metallic, but the paint is crappy. I am trying to find good pics of a nice car in that color to see if I want to go that route.

    If you have pics in that color, could you email them to dbroxson@gmail.com?

    LOL, Thanks, I had a hair cut the other day (whats left) and I noticed a few pretty gray ones. I blame it on the wife and kids.
    Thanks Willy....I think, you got me beat on both counts there....age and beauty. You're a day early but there's a 1st for everything. Not till the 29th!
    Thanks buddy!!
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