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  • Great song, but I wonder if younger people can feel the same as the country did for the loss of those people anymore.
    You take your kids to a crappy zoo on the side of the road. It has one animal, a dog. What kind was it?

    What do you call a vertically challenged person, whom escaped from prison, that can commune with the dead?
    hey ken, how are u?

    just wanted to say thanks for showing me around oc, and taking me out to lunch.....had a blast talkin' mopars w/ya.........
    hey ken, merry christmas and happy new year to the so cal mopar bro!!!
    i'll be a callin' u today, i don't know what your holiday schedule is like, but if i can swing it somehow i'll try to hook up w/you.......if not maybe next year.......
    season's greetings!!!
    Hey Ken, a while back me and Dart Doctor were racing neck and neck. I jumped ahead of him finaly but I think you missadded his score. I want to beat him fair and square. Please look in to this. thanks DD
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