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  • I can not recomend a brand or style header outright, however, hitting the search button, typing in headers in the key word box and then selecting the "big block A body tech" catogory yeilded a long list of threads with some ideas. Alot depends on the performance level your engine and/or car is going to be at.

    Click the link below with the search work allready done. Go through the threads and see what others have done and what combo matchs or comes close to what you have or are doing.
    mister fish, i am buying a 69 dart GT that has been stuffed with a 383. where can i find headers for this setup?
    I dont see a help section on the site and need to post a pic in my thread but dont know how. Help!

    You have a certain amount of time before you yourself can not deleate it. Send me a link to the post you want gone.
    Small block said you are the guru. Long background; 70 340, 10.5, seems to spec as a purple cam. Daily driver until 1980, never heard ping or det. sat until 2008. fired up, had intake problems, pulled heads, #g piston, small piece missing, heads, no sign, replaced piston, top rod bearing- no sign of detonation. (fluke)?
    Borrowed and rebuilt unknown 780, ran, (this is still on jackstands), but seemed too much. Borrowed and rebuilt a 650 dp, much better, but still off a little (727 trans). Still on stands.
    Any advice on carb? (power valves where 3,5; vacuum 7).
    Hey Rumblefish, after the crash here I dont get any pictures, and I can't create a new thread. Am I missing something here?

    I put up a post in the "General Discussion" area entitled "Zach Attacks Diabetes". It is a plea to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association during the annual StepOut walk (held at the Detroit Zoo October 2nd, 2010). Last year (our 1st) my son, Zachary, and our team raised over $2600 for the ADA. Is it possible to get a "sticky" on this post through October 2nd?

    Please advise and thank you,

    Dan (DartGTDan)
    Sorry to say, this is over my head but may have something to do with ethier your server, actual computer, virus or cookie issue, or even weather in another part of the country.

    This may be a good question in the help area, sorry I can not be of service for you.
    Dusterdowns has a question. I am having bad problems staying connected to a-bodies. Seems i get knocked off line and when i try to reconnect i am told my pass word is invalid. I have tried many times to change my password and it has done no good. Getting on a-bodies anymore is a gamble. I am selling some parts annd when i go to answer a question i am bumped off instantly. Any idea what is up. Did i do something wrong or is there a glitch on my end. Thanks steve
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