• Hi Dan, I was told you can supply me a turn signal switch for my 72 Demon. Please let me know, shipped to CA. Thank you!
    Hey Dan,
    Per all the posts, you seem to be the MAN on slant 6's! I have a question for you. I have a'66 Dart, slant 6 w/ 4 speed. I want to make it a hot street machine. Planning on some serious head work, 4 bbl and Dutra exhaust. What over-size valves can I install without notching the pistons or running into any other kind of interference problems?
    Have a great day.
    I'm in need of another turn signal switch, this time for a 1967 barracuda. Wasn't sure how to reach you but my phone number is 618-581-4427 and my email is jangle1994@gmail.com
    Hey Dan,
    I’m in need of a new turn signal switch for a 71 Duster. Sounds like your the guy. What info do you need from me to assure I’m ordering the correct one?
    Hi Dan, I'm looking for a turn signal switch for my 62 Lancer. Brake lights work fine, but getting no turn signal, after initially getting one, so figure its the switch. Do you have any? You can text me if you'd like
    Hey Dan I am looking for a turn signal switch for my 69 valiant. From what I read you are the go to guy. Please shoot me a pm or text at 6096948214. Thank you.
    Hey Dan I got recommended to you from a friend. I'm looking for a turn signal switch for a 68 dart. I've boughten two new ones and both have failed really quick. My number is 5194014616 if you wanna text me
    I saw that you may have a good quality turn signal switch/harness for a 71 duster non tilt wheel? If so, what is the price and do you have in pics? Thank you
    Hi Dan, I ordered a turn signal switch for my 65 Dart GT. The info said it was for 63-65 and the cam is wrong. . The brake light doesn't work unless the switch is in a perfect position which is impossible because there is so much play in the new switch. Have you come across this problem and do you know where I can get the correct switch.
    Hi, I have a question on how to wire a twin field alternator on a single field alternator with 3 wires, do I just installed on one of the field connectors, like the old one? Do I ground it an use car wire?
    we the proud owner of a 64 barracuda,restoring it now,with purple shaft cam,headers,two barrel intake.what carb do you recommend for the street.
    I have tried many sources trying to find an Air Cleaner Temperature Sensor for 1973 Plymouth 225 cu in slant six. Any suggestions? Auto parts stores say it is obsolete.
    Hey Mr. Dan, I have a slant six with a casting number 2806830-7 2162 BH with a "AAWJ" underneath the 2162
    Then on the pad under #1 plug (numbers not very clear) looks like J 225 T 8 9 could be numbers in between
    I understand from previous info it is probably a RGFC block 68-75.
    Any more information you can provide ? The actual year ? Thanks a million, appreciate your expertise.
    Hello Mr. Dan, do you still have any super six parts? Im building a '65 225 with my daughter and she wants the super six set up. Thanks for all your posts also
    Thanks for the info on the window/door handle removal, they were a pain but once removed I understand how they are removed, quite a bit different than the othe easier 'clips'.
    Hi Dan, I'm a new member to the site, but have been following it for some time now. Through a stroke of luck I came upon a car that you may be familiar with. It's a 1965 Canadian Valiant four door. Aluminum 225, disc brakes, 8-3/4. Got it from a guy in Lakewood Co. I'm currently going through the engine, and would like any info you have on it. Thanks
    Hi Dan,

    Do you have anymore decals? I'm restoring a 64 Valiant Signet convertible and these would look great! If they are still available, I'd like a Valiant sticker and a Mopar sticker. Thanks and best regards
    Hi Dan: I want to rebuild my 1920 1bbl and having a bit of trouble locating a rebuild kit. Your profile says "Vancouver", I live in Burnaby. The guy at Lordco can't find a listing anywhere, and they hardly ever let me down. Can you point me somewhere here in town? Cheers, Larry
    I'm new to the forum and I noticed you seem to very knowledgeable. I just posted a topic "'72 Scamp I'm considering" in the general forum. I'd appreciate any thoughts you have. Thanks, Stephen
    Hey Dan i have hopefully a quick easy question for a gentleman as knowledgeable as yourself. I have a 79 le baron super six and a 73 model 1bbl 225 can you till me if there is any difference in these two motors other than the intake carb exh manifold and linkages ? Thank you very for your help.
    hi Dan Rodger dd .do you you can help? 1963 v 200 Valiant 170 c.i. automatic ,Holley 1920r carb. some times bogs at take off. tried = rebuild carb .added pertronix ignition,new cam ,timing chain and gears,new valves,guides,seats,played with timing, pulled distributor ,tried all the adjustments under and in side,it has plenty of power idles smooth with an occasional pop.i turned idle up it acts better but not right .i have a shop Manual.exhaust riser tied open c.c. position.tried c.w. position didnt help. coil, fuel pump/tank,lines, i think the carb .is it but havent found replacement
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