• dan i sent you the money for gas cap...but didnt include my address...thomas baker... ar .71937 ....1964 valaint. thank you bonehead
    Hey Dan just tried to send a pm said your at your limit and must delete some. Gene
    I have a question that no-one has responded to ... I have a 64 Dart and a 4 speed , when did Dodge start putting torque boxes in the frame rails of 4 speed cars . The area I'm talking about is behind the front wheels between the frame and the rocker panel for the front ones and the rear ones are located in front of the front leaf spring hanger to the rocker panel ? Thank you for your time and input .
    Dan; I have a few questions/problems that I would like to ask you... I have a '70 Dart with a 225ci. It has 10" drums in the front and 9" drums in the back. I would like to change the 10" drums out for disc and still keep the SB pattern as well as the 14" ralleys... I have visited many sites and now feel I need an expert.. Could you tell me what I would need, (parts, numbers), where to get them, and how to install them? I'm mechanically incline.....
    You seem to be quite the wizard when it comes to electrical issues, and boy, do I have one now ! I'm hoping you can help out with this one.
    I started the car today, luckly with the hood open, and noticed some wisps of smoke coming off the red, fusible link wire from the relay that goes into the fire wall. The attached picture shows the rather bad predicament I'm in now.
    The battery read 12.5 V off and 19.2 V running. The Amp meter on the dash is way up to the maximun (+40) at any RPM other than idle. This is what I was investigating when I noticed the smoke.
    The battery is brand new as is the voltage regulator.
    The alternator is new too and sems to get very hot. I noticed that the fan belt seems to be working overtime as it will screech a bit and on the side before the alternator pulley the belt looks slack when running and while very tight after the pulley.

    Any ideas of which way to go with this one ??
    Thanks a million !!
    Hi Dan, I read your post re: light bulb replacement and will be getting the 3496's from Honda for my '68 Barracuda's tail lights. Because of the design of the '68 Barracuda tail light, I have always felt that there is not enough light with the white area surrounding the red lens. The white part doesn't really show up well in bright daylight when braking. Also, is either of the 2357A or 2357NA an opaque amber for the turn signals and are they available from Honda too? I would like to keep the opaque style look as I have kept this car in original condition since I got it new.
    I will also be installing the head light relays if I can do so without cutting any wiring so the car can be put back to original if needed in the future.
    As I have learned, if slantsixdan says so, then it is gospel. I really appreciate your posts. Thanks, Mike (cudadriver)
    Dan, You seem to have all the answers regarding Slant Six stuff. I have 2 questions and I hope it's not stupid ones.
    How do I tell if my 68 Valiant has a 170 or a 225 engine?
    Do you also have to remove the intake if your are adding headers to a Slant motor?
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