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  • Mike, do you have 245's on the back of your Dart??
    If so, what are is the wheel width? What is your backspacing ? What is the tire to spring clearance
    I'm going with the same wheels you have in a few months. Right now I'm using sbp stock ralleys,with235 ta radials and have about 1/2 inch spring to tire Clearance
    Mike, hoping you can advise me here. I got the nerve up recently to begin interacting on both this site and the B body site. I own an A body vehicle that I can see was formerly owned by another member on this site. I'd like to see if I can get some more history on the vehicle from him (or any others), but was curious as to what avenues on the site would be best to do that. Last I checked his inbox was full.
    Disregard. I finally found instructions for new people to the site. Pretty straight forward...:)
    Quick test,please, brand new member, is this working? Am I in? Had a problem getting thru the sign in. Thanks in advance!!!! Been watching a while, love your posts!!
    My name is Steven Fox. I understand you used to sell Snap On tools. My oldest son i considering buying a franchise, if that is the correct term. He and I are both wondering if there are any hidden pitfalls he should be aware of. Would you be willing to talk too him about this? He is in Virginia near Richmond. Thank you for your time.
    Hi Mike, I need to change my password. I was trying to access the site out at our business, and I couldn't get in. I kept getting a message "incorrect password." I have my most recent password written down in my "little book," but it doesn't work???? I'm trying to change it and without the right password, that can't be done either.
    Norm Faith
    Often I read political crap on forums other than the political one. The one I just encountered is from shittyslant6 on the random pictures thread. I do not intend to start firing back on any forum. I'd rather that the political crap be stopped. Please get on this a bit more aggressively. Please no political comments.

    Jerry in Denver
    Mike will you Please go in to my ad for the 340 Unsilenced air cleaner and remove the comments. These guys are killing me and don't follow the simple rules.
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