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  • What is your bottom line cash on the 489 with the 4.57 gears?? I live in Syracuse and can pick up and pay in cash!!


    Hi, if the deal falls through for the blow proof bellhousing I would buy it. thanks -George
    Looking for a 742 3:73 sure grip unit.
    Seeing if you know of any?

    Thanks for your time.
    i asked you a question about the 4.30 742 setup you have can you let me know after you read it thnx Paul
    if fit 71 demon ralley instrument cluster I will take it need to shipped to 27526 will pay thru PayPal
    Just seen you pm me...$100 plus shipping...Ok, I like to buy these and have them shipped to me at Richard Hauk
    2875 Pruss hill rd
    Pottstown, Pa, 19464
    Let me know if you take paypal or how you would like to get paid..I guess these are in good working shape, just need blasting and paint?
    I don't believe the linkage rod with adjust block on it, or any other, is different. I know the lever that clamps onto the selector shaft sticking out of the trans varies in length for the different applications.
    Webby, I just finnished purchasing the entire six pack set up for my 360. The front two are 340 carbs and the rear one is a 440 carb. There is only a fuel distribution tab on the 340 rear carb that makes it different. Other than jetting, the carbs are the same.
    I don't believe the lower shift rod is any different.
    Someone showed a link before to that little rod being available repoped but I never found it again when searching.

    I do have a template for properly placing the console brackets and automatic shifter stand. You'll need to email me for more details...
    Cheers, Ben
    I still have the cooler but your PM box was full when I tried to send a message, let me know if you are interested, thanks!
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