4 spd ID please, and a few other questions .. tia

Hi, I'm thankful for finding this site, as I'm putting my Dart back to 4 spd., and am goin to look at some parts this weekend..

Specifically I'm looking at a 4 spd, supposed to be outta Swinger, # stamped on pad on side is either.. 48832605 (first "8" could be a "B"), if someone could tell me what it is, I'd appreciate it greatly..

I also would like to know what length driveshaft I should get pls/tia

I was told all sm blk flywheels (pre 72ish) were same, 130 teeth, 10 1/2 in. clutch, is that true.. or should I be lookin for one specifically.. tia

And if anyone can give me the part# or any identifying features on stock 340 exhaust manifolds.. all help greatly appreciates

:sad1: I cudda had a hemi....