Looking for 5.7 truck hemi

Like the title says, I'm in the market for a 5.7 hemi. I'd prefer to go with the truck cover for my setup as I have a radiator that will fit the truck outlets already. I don't need a harness or computer, and really I don't even necessarily need an intake or oil pan as I'll have to swap them out to put the engine in my 67 Dart anyway. I would really prefer a good block and rotating assembly that doesn't need any machine work, but I might be able to work around some damage. The same goes for the heads. I'd really like to stay in the $500 or less price range, though if the engine comes with all the goodies I might be willing to go a little higher. I live in Kansas (66049) and have a truck, so I would be willing to pick one up if it is close enough or maybe meet someone part way if it's really far away. Would really like to avoid shipping, but if the price to crate and ship isn't horrible I might be up for it.