A-Bodies...Big Motors / New Hemi Duster - FINAL ASSEMBLY

these shots are the last at my buddy,Bouts,..body shop (Boutwell Collision)....what can I say...he has let me work/store/ect this project all while I was in WV (around 5 years).He also mentored/instructed me on the fine art of sanding body filler/grinding weld/percision panel alaignment/ect.Mark is a very good and very old friend and fellow "hot rodder" although he always been pretty much a slow Chevy guy. But my hats off to him....everyone could use a buddy like Mark....

again...I never said he was cheap,but he's good...and good costs

Next pics are in my shop...not goin' anywhere till its on it's own power

Please take note of Marks '55 Chevy Nomad in background.....been under construction since early 70's....told you those Chevy guys are slow..(hope he doesn't see this)