A-Bodies...Big Motors / New Hemi Duster - FINAL ASSEMBLY

the 4-bar as you see it now is at the parrallel 4-bar set up....for street driving....but for ...OK.."street" racin' or going to the dragstrip I can easily reconfigure the bars to be a 32",36", or 42" with a 7 3/4 to 8 1/4 instant center 4 link set-up....the triangulated 4-link has a tendency to "bind" for Pro streeters...thats why a lot of streetrodders go with the non-binding smoother riding parrallel 4-bar....and sarifice the hook-up.I felt I had better be able to make it hook too....in case my buddy w/ the orange 528 HemiDuster wants to "bust em' off for maybe.....5K?

Man, that thing looks great.... I love the red interior. After seeing that rear end set-up I was getting a little bit scared about the 5K grudge race. Then I remembered who was going to be driving the Silver car and felt better! :lol: