aftermarket MPFI conversion kits any good?

i should have been more clear, i cant see spending thousands on an efi setup for a slant when you can build something from junkyard stuff that will work. it isnt so easy to build a working efi setup for a big block form junkyard parts. my buddy had a slant with a b&m blower on it. it ran ok, but for the work he put into it and the money spent, he would have been a hell of a lot faster with any v8 with the same work. but this isnt one of those debates. i tried living with a slant myself, 2 brl setup big cistom exhaust, hogged out the exhaust manifold, recurved the distributor and 3.73s. i did think about doigj a junkyard efi, but for the work involved i didnt think it was worth it for what i wanted to do. it just didnt do it for me. hey i know a guy that stops by my house every now and then he isnt capable o fdoing a lot of his own work, but he had a super six and didnt think it was worth the effort. he sold it. he then had a dual exhaust mad eup. now he has another super six setup and came by asking if it is worth it. of coarse, you have it why not but you need a big head pipe to go with your dual exhaust. he says he has to do a manifold gasket anyway. and decides its really not worth installing the 2 brl on his slant. this guy wanted to completely redo his 9" front drums, i offereed him a complete set of finned 10" front drums for free, he talked to his buddy and he tells him its not worth the change... instead they replaced drums and all on his 9" setup.