360 build options?

Mid to late 70's low compression engine (probably out of a truck). Upon tear down it appears that it hadn't seen a hard life at all. Very little ridge on the cylinder wall. 7th or 8th rod bearing (which ever is last on the crank) was just getting into copper on the bearing, the others looked real good. Going to bore .30 over and turn down the crank .10. Block will be decked (The machine work is free). Target compression is 9.5:1 (+ or -) with KB slugs. MSD distributor w/ a hot box. Intake? I have no idea. Cam choice is up in the air right now. I just don't know at this point. .474? .484? Carb? Holley 600 to 750cfm range?

My biggest concern at this point is the heads and valve train in general. We are forced to work with what we got. The heads we have can/will be planed (Again, that machine work is free). What can I do to a set of cast mid 70's heads that will make them better? Or is there a better / cheaper option out there?

I should mention that this 360 is going into a '73 Duster if that helps. Also, my 15 year old is hell bent on strapping himself into this rocket and run 1/8 miles. I'd be a bad father if I didn't help him.