360 build options?

My build is similar. Im using h116cp pistons ($270 with moly rings)
They are very close to the stock weight of the factory pistons, so you can (probably) get away without ballancing.
As for heads I am using 596 (smog) heads with 2.02 1.6 stainless valves with a good 3 angle valve job. You probably have similar heads, and you can keep the stock valves 1.88 1.60 valves, just have good valve job done, and quick cleanup on the pockets (pocket port) will help a ton. If you have some extra $$ you can have 2.02 valves installed, and have the machine shop do a bowl hog.
As for the cam, I like the lunati voodoo line of cams. I will be running the voodoo 268. It gives a noticable idle, but still very streetable. and can be used with a fairly low stall, and daily driver gears (3.23+). If you are planning on more gear and stall (3:91+ 3000+stall or 4spd) I would run the voodoo 276.
I think a 750 holley is the way to go for a carb, and a performer RPM or similar