aftermarket MPFI conversion kits any good?

im actually finishing up an EZ-EFI install in a 68 hemi roadrunner.

as far as opinions on the kit:

its a really well made kit. great for a universal part, really. bery little thats not included, and very easy install. hardest part is the fuel system plumbing. dont like the way the harness is laid out, but then again, its a matter of personal preference on that kind of thing.

i also dont like that im locked out of all the fine tuning of the maps. i prefer to tinker, not just take what i get. ( i taught myself to tune with free software on TBI GM products).

with that being said, it depends on what kind of power youre putting under your efi, your willingness to tinker and fiddle, and your budget.

for a stock or mild 318/360, id go with a GM TBI system with a 454 TBI setup, using a stock GM ECM, and tune it for the combo. for something more radical, and less tuning intensive, a professional products powerjection (infinately tunable, and what ill be picking up here soon) or an EZ EFI (tunes itself very well.)

hope that helps