360 build options?

Thanks for the encouragement StokerScamp and vtmopar! Perhaps an old Chevy/Olds guy hasn't lost his mind....yet!

moturbopar - Unless a miracle lands in our lap we are stuck with the 1.88 / 1.60 heads (remind you, this is all on a 15 years old kids budget, but nothing says that heads can't be swapped out later!). But a 3 angle valve cut (for free) and a pocket port are absolutley within reach. I'm not sure how much a hog wild port and polish would buy us on these heads (too much work and not enough gain). We are still up in the air about cam choice at this time. It's a constant argument when your dealing with a 15 year old male! He wants it to be streetable, yet competition worthy. I say something like .230 @ .50 is the right balance.
Dealing with my 15 year old is exactly like that old story about the young bull and the old bull standing ontop of the hill with a herd of ready females down below....."Why run down there and **** a few son, when we can walk down there and ****'em all? He's almost there, he just ain't seeing the big picture yet!