'73 Dart Sport Build

I have a '73 Dart Sport that I plan to put a well built (700+rwhp) 440 in. The car will be street/strip use. I know there are quite a few things to be done in order to swap a /6 auto car over to a big block 5 speed car. I have a couple things already gathered up just need to know what else I should or need to get. This is my first build and I still have quite a bit to learn so don't be afraid to throw in your .02. I have a V8 k-frame, V8 torsion bars, ford 9" rear-end (got it real cheap). I know it's not even close to everything but it's a start. I'm on the fence about power steering and power brakes and I know those two play a pretty big part in putting the 440 in so whats everyone's opinion on those? The car will not be driven daily just a nice weather cruiser when its not on the strip. Thanks in advance for all the info.