Vapor lock on in tank pump?

So I was cruising home from work today and as I was about half way through town after getting off the highway my car bobbled on the idle just a bit and then just died. At first I thought the idle drop may have been the electric fans kicking on, but obviously it wasn't because it flat out killed the car and it wouldn't restart. The thing I don't get is that I'm running an EFI setup with an in tank pump. I've got a 5.7 hemi and a standard Walbro 55GPH style pump (different brand though). I got the car pushed into a parking lot and went about checking wires and whatnot because I figured I may have just dropped a sensor or something. Keyed the car over a few times to prime the fuel pump and the fuel pump relay was clicking and I could swear I heard the fuel pump cycle, but I had no pressure on the gauge on my regulator. Got a ride home and went back a few hours later with tools and the car started up like nothing was ever wrong.

Has anyone ever heard of vapor lock on an in tank pump that runs 60 psi at the rails? I know the lines run near my headers a little where they come up at the back of the firewall. The system splits at the firewall (one line to each rail), then from each rail into the regulator and back to the tank. Any ideas what I might be able to do to prevent the problem or get the car started if it happens to me again?