i have two friends using it and it works great.

djvcuda ( a member here) is using the dual quad set up of the ez efi. holy crap what a difference in power and drivability there was. i couldn't believe it. i gave him a hand on the install and we really didn't like the hose kit it comes with. too much a pain in the *** getting together. he ended up running alumn line with braided going to the tank and throttle bodies.

the other guy i know using it put it on a chrysler 300. i drove that car too.. very smooth power, starts easy etc... feels like a modern car..

i bought a kit too. haven't installed it yet though. its still sitting in the box along with my 408 i have basically the base kit with a regulator. i didn't want their hose kit.

couple things to think about before installing it though.

using the stock tank with stock pick-up and just adding a return line you will most likely run into stalling problems when your low on gas and turning corners. there is no gas reserve like the float bowls on a carb. if the pick up becomes uncovered the car will stall. djv used a tank from rock valley that has a pump built into it.. they take a stock tank for your car and weld a section in that holds th epump and has fittings for supply and return lines. it also uses an off the shelf pump so replacement is easy if the pump ever fails. it also has a spiral looking can thing in it that is around the pump pick-up that holds the gas when going around corners. works very well. i know djv has run as low as 1/8 tank of gas and has had no issues with stalling or anything. the tank/pump combo is not cheap but well worth it in my opinion.

another thing is if you do decide to use your existing tank make sure its spotless inside. any rust or dirt will clogg the injectors. my buddy with 300 had that issue.

you also need clean power for it. seems most guys have to go straight to the battery for power. the fuse box is very noisy and freaks the FAST computer out.

make sure your not putting the EZ on too radical motor. it won't work. i would call comp themselves and make sure your motor is in spec. to run it.

other then those couple things that are easy to avoid its a great set up...

djv's set up..

quick video.
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