A friend called that fastman guy (against our advice) and that clown sold him a kit that won't work (its the EZ with the injectors that go into the intake). i know my buddy listed everything in that 528 of his for him and that clown still some him the kit. now that it doesn't run right fastman says the cam is not efi friendly. i know i would be pissed. if my buddy would have known he would have spent the extra money and went to the next kit up.

Well if the "Fastman" you are talking about is me - then I'm bothered! I work very hard to make sure my customers get what they need and I don't hold back if I think they're expectations are unrealistic.

The FAST XFI is the top of the line and will work with any engine, but ever since FAST brought out the EZ (non-laptop) unit, people have been asking specifically for that. Since the EZ (and all non-laptop systems) uses vacuum as its only indicator of engine load I always ask what the idle vacuum is, and most times the customer doesn't know.

If the idle vacuum was too low, I would have gladly taken the EZ system back for a 100% credit toward the XFI. And I answer the phone to give tech support because very often there are other issues. Either way, I want people to be happy with their investment.

Okay - My rant is over ...