Yeah, the EZ EFI isn't really programmable which is why you would effectively need a complete separate fuel management system for the nitrous working in tandem so the EZ doesn't think the engine is doing anything different, which I highly doubt would be very easy to make and manage.

The EZ does give you very limited programming, but only air fuel ratios at idle, cruise, and wide open throttle from what I understand from my friend at work. You can pick the A/F ratio you want for those three situations and it interprets and tunes the fuel map itself based on that input.

That being said, if you set the wide open setting for say 12:1 and calibrate your nitrous setup so that the extra fuel injected with the nitrous (separate from the EFI system, similar to a carb plate style setup) keeps the 12:1 ratio, the system wouldn't even know you were using nitrous in theory, but I'm not sure you could keep that ratio steady enough for the computer to not freak out.