09 Charger rt wheels on a 66 plymouth fury

Personally, I wouldn't run a wheel that was off, even just .7mm. I'm sure people have gotten away with it for some time, but I don't feel good about it.

Also, I know of one other person that has tried bolting up a set of LX wheels and said the lugs didn't match well. I don't know if there are some differences in wheels (undocumented change in bolt circle or something), but I couldn't find a difference. I even wondered if the R/T and SRT models used a different hub than the lower models, which would make it possible that the bolt circle was different, but according to RockAuto, the hub is the same for all the car.

The only thing I know for certain is that the wheel I checked had a 4.5" bolt circle. It's possible that not all LX wheels had a 4.5" bolt circle, but the one I checked did.
You are correct Dion,114.3mm=LX=4.5 except SRT they are 115mm slightly larger