318 + 904 question

I read from a poster, where.."68 318 and a 66 904 the snout of the torque converter is smaller than the register in the back of the crank. The solution is to have a bushing/spacer machined to properly align the two, spacer was 1.55" ID 1.81" OD and a half inch long..."

And another poster.."You also need the register adapter ring to adapt the 67 converter to your newer crankshaft..."

Are they talking about the same thing? Other than machining, is there some entity that sells these bushings/register adapter rings?


Yes they are talking about the same thing and you can't machine down the larger converter snout because it's too thin. 64's link below shows the only ones I know of at the moment.

I'm pretty sure that these folks can help you out: