Help! Slow Battery Discharge

Hello All,

I'm also dealing with a slow current draw on a 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger with a 318. Kills the battery in about 2 weeks time. Vehicle features and aftermarket radio and amp but other than that, bone stock.

I'm going to purchase a proper meter to test as you've all instructed earlier in the thread, but I thought I'd share what I gleaned from my test light. As instructed, I hooked it up in series with the negative terminal and the ground and I had a very dim light. Pulled all of the fuses one at a time, disconnected the stereo, and all of the lights one by one on the car. Couldn't find the draw.

Then I loosened up the nut that holds the starter relay and that killed the draw. I'm not all that familiar with electrical problems. What would I have disconnected that would be giving me trouble? Did I actually isolate the problem, or did I just break the circuit.

Thanks for the help,