340 build No POWER need help w tune

I'm the other member that told Rob about my buddies brand new out of the box Holley 750 having the wrong idle air bleeds in it from the factory. Couldn't get it to idle clean for nothing and I changed them to match the front bleeds (.073) and re-adjusted the carb and it ran great. BTW: I ended up having to turn all the adjustments out to approx. 1-1/2 turns with the correct air bleeds in it.

One other thing that concerns me is you running a double pumper on a automatic car with only a 2800 stall converter. I have never had luck doing that. Always seemed to bog on take off unless I put super big shooters in it. Maybe that's another reason yours has no take off. Combine that with the fuel pressure all over the place (AS MENTIONED, YOU NEED A REGULATOR), the wrong idle air bleeds in the secondary side, and the timing not dialed in and you've got a freakin mess.