Gen III Hemi with 4-speed?

Most swaps usually end up with fuel injection. If you get the stock computer that's really probably the way to go. There are some plug and play setups finally coming out for reasonable money though (like the Megasquirt Gold). Computer and harness together for it are right around $1200 I believe. You can use a factory harness and cut out what you don't want/need if you feel like it to help cut down some of the cost as well.

Honestly it's almost harder to put a carb on them with the lmited intakes available. Indy, Edelbrock, and XV are about it. The Edelbrock is the cheapest to my knowledge, but it's a dual quad, so any money you save on the intake may go into buying another carb. Indy is ok price-wise, though both it and the XV aren't necessarily the best performing things out there. The XV is pretty well documented to kill low end torque, haven't seen much dyno info on a "stock" Indy.