Bellhousing Experience Quicktime vs Lakewood

I don't know about a big block but here is what I ran into with my quicktime small block. I used the ring adaptor to convert the 5.125 hole to the smallest hole (4.35?) and it worked fine. I used my stock clutch fork but the pivot that came with the bell housing was too thick and in the wrong place. I bolted the pivot from my old bell housing in and it worked fine.

When I bolted my stock ball stud onto the bell housing, the z bar was not aligned straight across from the ball stud on my car so I had to drill another hole for the ball stud on my car to get it straight.

I also had to cut and offset my z bar to clear the headers. Also, my original boot that fits around the clutch fork is much too large. I don't know if they sell one that fits. I spent a lot of time but after all the "adjustments" it works great.