Gen III Hemi with 4-speed?

So (and I'm only trying to clarify, so excuse my ignorance) you're saying that using the MS will allow me the full programability of the Hemitronix, without requiring the removal of the crankshaft to change the crank position sensor for compatability with the Delphi system? And aside from the time consumption of the DIY factor involved with the MS, it'll be pretty much as plug'n'play? I understand I may be oversimplifying some of that, but I've got 2 on the go. 1 is a customer's, and he'll buy the Hemitronix, I'll get paid to do the work. The second is for myself, and is therefore somewhat more budget conscious. I did a MS setup 10 years ago for a 408, but we were not dealing with SMPI on that. I want this the way I used to want my women... Easy AND cheap!lol