Sway Bars

I just tested a Hellwig 1 1/8" hollow front anti swaybar. Easy to bolt into the k mem. holes. The bar does touch the inner edge of the mount, no mater how adjusted. It pulled up when the u-clamps are tightened. Does it mater? It just clears the strut. The handling was close to my 74Cuda with factory bars, front and back, with HD (as I ordered it) front suspension, 778-779, so it has .90 t bars. It came with pin calipers, and a B-body k-mem. and flat 1971 type motor mounts. Now I want the Firm feel rear bar to make it complete. The 1968 Barracuda was a 318 notchback with HD 10" drums, that has Willwood discs for small ball joints. 892-893 T-bars measure .89, but that's .020 paint on them. The rear axle housing is Dr.Diff's 8 3/4", both cars with rear 10" drums. Maybe the Dr. (Cass) could fab up some frame hung bars, like the 1974 cuda?