Stop in for a cup of coffee

I just woke up in my bunk in Limon Colorado.looked outside and there's white stuff.Guess I'll get up and head to Dallas and go home till next year!
I spent the night in Limon. March 2003. Cross country quick drive in the 73 Dart.
Atlanta to Seattle in three days. Or was it 4? Stopped just long enough to sleep. Arrived in the dark and left in the dark. Attractive lady on the front desk. Seems like she was Polish and had a beagle. Funny thing. Couldn't see the town from the interstate. Coming out of Kansas didn't realize I had been going up hill and was at that elevation. High plains and chapped lips gave me the clue. Then I saw he sign.
This morning's schedule?
Call the lawyers. Go grocery shopping. This afternoon I go to work.
No coffee yet.