Wiper Delay for 68 Barracuda

But putting a momentary switch connected to the same circuit as the low speed of the wiper switch does. :-)
You just have to hold the momentary switch down long enough to get past the park action, and when you let go the wipers will continue one sweep and then park again.
I'm eventually going to do this on my car with the switch coutersunk into the thumb end of my Hurst T handle.

They also make aftermarket adjustable intermittant wipe relay kits in various forms like this.


I also saw where you can get the intermittant module out of the wrecking yard and wire it in to our wiper systems using our original multi speed switch.
One real easy way is to use the low setting on the original switch for intermittant wipe, and the med and high as normal.
Then the speed of the intermittant wipe can be varied with an added rheostat. (but I don't like the added part of doing it that way)
I will just put together the one wipe button or turn the low speed into intermittant with a set time delay.
Instead of low, med, high, I'll have int, med, high and I think that should be fine, but either way I want the one push one wipe on the shifter handle.

How would you wire up the momentary switch? Just "T" into the "A" post?