360 292/508 cam fast simple cheap builds

I ran that 292/509 cam for a bit.In a zero deck 360 with Eddies and Airgap.C/R was 10.7.I used an A-833 and a GearVendors and 4.30s. I found it too soft on the bottom for a street car. It was gangbusters from 5500 to 7200. But since most of my driving was 2500 to 4500, I ditched it. I measured it as 239*@.050. I even swapped to thinner headgaskets to put the c/r at 11.2. Still soft.Advanced it/ still soft.
-I then installed a Hughes 223* cam. That was a sweet cam.Had a ton of torque.I ran a Mopar O/D box behind it with the GV and 3.55s. 1500rpm at 85mph.Lost 4 lobes when they took the zinc out of the oil.I miss that cam, a bit.
-Next I put a Hughes 230* cam in.Took me most of the summer to find a decent amount of torque in the lower rpms, that I lost when the 223 cam died. It likes a ton of advance, very early.Its decent now.
-One thing I gotta say about the 2 Hughes cams I have experience with; They dont seem to fall off much at the top. At least not in the first 3 gears. I used to regularly take this 230 cam to 7200.Its semi-retired now, like me.That motor has got over 125,000 miles now.She doesnt get out as much as she used to.Its a bit hard on gas though.
- With an A/T, and for street, Id guess it would like at least a 2800 convertor. Maybe a bit more. But then the 440 makes a bunch of TQ, almost anyway you build it.I swapped a 2400 out for a 3200, for a guy with a 440GTX and that cam. It was a dog off the line with that 2400. He really likes the 3200. Its a streeter.
-I wouldnt recommend that cam for a SBstreeter.Maybe a weekend bomber. Unless maybe if you had a O/D box and can run some bigger gears, like at least 4.10s.Just my 2cents.