Wiper Delay for 68 Barracuda

The spare motor I have reverses to park. I'm wondering if the one I have installed in the car is the same or is different? I wasn't aware that some reversed and some didn't. Guess I'll have to go see what it does.

How did you wire yours up? Which wire did you splice? The "A", "F1", "F2", ????????

I just went out and checked, when it's running it spins counter-clockwise, when the switch is turned off, it rotates clockwise to park. Does that mean my dreams of intermittent wipers are not going to happen?

On my 73 Valiant, I took that switch apart and whittled away the cam that caused it to rotate to low speed when pushed. Figured out how to get a single sweep but if I didn't hold the button in long enough it wouldn't work like the 67.
Reason I didn't post this earlier is because I did the 73 about 1983. That car is gone and I don't remember enough about it to be helpful.
As for the 67, soon as the weather clears I can snap a pic of how simple it is to add a scotch lock at the bulkhead terminals tying 2 wires together.