Stalls with electrical loads

Lot of good things to check for the OP. I would start simple:
- Clean/check the chassis ground as per Kitl this includes both the battery - to block ground, AND the head to chassis ground back at the firewall
- Monitor the voltages while this is going as I suggested in post 3 to make sure the 12V to the ignition module and ballast input is not dropping seriously and just killing the ignition
- Then work on AJ's ideas; he has some good points. I assume by t-port sync, he is talking about the secondary idle stop crew setting. And he is spot on about the idle timing being waaay advanced due to the use of manifold vacuum, but I would not think that just putting the car in gear would drop all the advance out; it may drop the advance back some amount. And it seems a stretch to blame the stalling on this if just putting on the headlights kills the idle. But, this secondary stop screw adjustment will indeed screw around with the idle and off-ilde operations if not right.

Before going too much further into the timing, I would be check for true TDC and seeing of the timing marks on the damper are truly correct. And at some, point, if I had not installed the cam, I would be checking the cam timing, since this has been changed out.