Stalls with electrical loads

Sorry; twitchy finger;double post...
But since I'm here;Based on your reports of 12.55 and 14Plus, I doubt there is a problem in the charge circuit. However;
You could try this; Disconnect the VR, and turn everything on that has a switch. Still stalls? IDK.I'm going back to my previous post.But
if no stall,reconnect the VR,sub in a different fully charged battery;then retest as at the beginning. Still stalls? run a large guage jumper from the alt output to the battery positive and another jumper from the alt. case to the battery neg. Then retest as at the beginning.Still stalls? Shut everything off, do an off-draw test; maybe the alt is trying to satisfy a dead-short somewhere.If you find an off-draw evidence at the battery, go find it in the wiring. If you find no off-draw, turn the key on;still none?Switch to an amp-draw test and start turning things on, 'til you find a reading that seems out of the normal range.