Stalls with electrical loads

Are you sure the timing marks / timing is "where you think" it is? How 'bout cam timing?

It is troubling that coil voltage is a bit low. What does the ballast resistor measure. Be certain the ballast is hooked up correctly. The section hooked to the coil is the LOW resistance side. If the factory connectors are not "broke" they originally had a plastic "tit" which engaged the open "U" in one end of the ceramic resistor. This "keyed" the resistor so it hooked up OK

If not stated voltages(other than battery in picture) were taken with car running, accessories on with car in gear. I don't know what the voltage at + terminal on coil should read while running but shows around 6 in neutral with no accessories on. Do you know what the spec is for that voltage? I have seen allot of 12v coils listed that state will run on 6-9 volts. Ballast tested at 1.37 ohms. Spec is I think 1.25-1.5? Wires are hooked where they are supposed to be. Hook still present on connector and fit into slotted U on side of ballast, round hole on ballast lined up with the bump on the firewall.

What else should I be checking with the volt meter?