Stalls with electrical loads

I was wondering about that on the ballast, I have three of them, all test around 1.4-1.6 ohms cold. One of them is actually marked "1.2" on one of the terminals. Could swear my 74' Chiltons manual listed it as 1.5 ohms. Are there different values for different years, I would think the .5 ohm jobs would have been for points ignition? I really don't know so I will take your word for it though. I will look into procuring an MSD or NOS piece, wouldn't hurt to try one. Thanx again for the inputs, living in Florida I am well aware of Winter and Summer settings on the Carb and Ignition. What feels great at 70 degrees will rattle at 95 ambient.

By the way ran it with all accessories cranking, left it in gear at every light on the way home several times this week, never hiccuped once!! Still hard to believe a minor adjustment like that put it right.
That's awesome, glad it got fixed! AJ gets a big pat on the back for his perception and experience. The comment on the ballast is just to make it as good as it can be; a 1.5 cold ballast resistance will run up around 5 ohms hot and is lowering the coil spark energy significantly. Perhaps info like in the Chilton's is part of the confusion....(Unless that is for the coil primary side resistance; 1.5 ohms would be normal for that number. And, FYI, a 0.6 ohm cold NOS ballast will read close to 2 ohms when hot.)