Pro Touring 10K

Yes your right all in the details that make for a great build. Thanks

Thanks, How is the truck coming. That will be badass.

Yeah I know it's not for everyone. Yes the Coronet was really rough.

Love the idea of an SRT 4 in it. Light weight, plenty of room for it and can make lots of power. Buddies 04 SRT 4 runs 11.86 in 1/4 with stage 3 plug and play tune

With the dart it will be lighter than the neon, should be a little rocket ship. Many people think you need a V8 but you can get 350-400 hp easy.

Need to stop by the shop someday.

Have thought about putting a SRT4 in my Prowler. Lots of people want to but a V8, and I do too for the sound, but for the performance think the SRT4 would be a better choice, that maybe the transaxle could withstand the power and torque range better.

Good luck with the build!