Almost no oil pressure help

I would hand turn the eng with a 1&1/4" socket/breaker bar CW till the closest dist tooth is dead even with the magnet & note which dist cap plug wire the rotor is pointing to (makes for easy reassembly) then pull the dist & intergear & prime the pump with a 5/16 hex shaft CW in your drill & see if you get good psi on a gauge screwed into the NPT port on the top of the eng where the oil psi sender currently is. I like to smooth the hex right where it goes thru the intergear bushing & wrap some black electrical tape around it (just my OCD!). and when you pull the dist you can see if the 3/8 NPT pipe plug is in place in the pic the gentleman posted. If the 1/2" mini cup plug ain't installed enbetween the 2 horizontle oil passages to/from the filter boss you will still get psi (maybe even a hair more) as there is no filter restriction cuz there ain't no filtering being done (common when a chebby shop does a Mopar SB) and what happens is the eng has an early demise years later due to no filtering & all the while you are thinking you are being proactive with frequent oil/filter changes! and no clue as to what (really) caused it! Holler with what you find out