1969 Dodge Dart Custom Sedan Slant Six, Father-Son Project


After calling a few body shops around town, I visited one that was recommended and really liked what I saw coming out of their booth. The price quote was one of the more reasonable ones, and the cost difference between dropping it off that day and having them complete the remaining body work and bringing it to them with all the body work complete was small enough to make it a deal. Besides, the smell of Evercoat fiberglass was finally starting to make the official list of Things I'm Starting to Dread.

Here’s some in-progress photos of bodywork. The paint shop ended up taking most of the car down to the (amazingly rust-free) bare metal, prior to epoxy-priming it.

The photo on the bottom is what it looked like when I dropped it off.

pre-primer from right rear view.jpg

Primered_right rear view.JPG

pre-primer fron right view.jpg

primered left front view.jpg

Dart at Paint Shop Dropoff.jpg