1972 Canadian H-Code 340 Dart Swinger Special Resto - Finally started!

Had a bunch of yard and other work today so didn't get much done on the car today. I did manage to get after the nasty trailer hitch holes on the other rail today, I didn't show the process I decided to use when I did the other rail so thought I would post it for this rail incase others have similar issues. Since there is no easy way to gain access to the inside of the rail to work the metal out from the inside and this is mostly a cosmetic problem not structural I decided to repair it from the outside.

I found a large thick washer that had the same size hole that the factory stamped in the rail and since the rail had been squashed in by the over torquing of the trailer hitch bolts it sat in that area pretty nicely at the level the rail should be.

You might notice the broken off leaf spring hanger bolts in this picture, thanks trailer hitch guys, two of those and can't get them out so I'm likely going to tap the two unused holes and use them instead.

Then I bolted it thru the corresponding hole on the other side so they line up properly and it held tightly for welding,

Made a plug that sits in the hole that's not supposed to be there and welded it in and grinded the welds down ready for some filler,

Manage to sneak in thru the bolt hole with my die grinder and a carbide bit and remove some of the metal that was hanging down thru the hole.

Then some All Metal, sand and clean up the hole and thats the end the damn trailer hitch, whew!

Should hopefully finish up with the bottom tomorrow.