1968 gts convertible

it was word of mouth,,and internet white pages,,asking questions,,etc. we knew who bought the car in 1980,,found his mother,,she remembered it being sold,,,ww tracked his parents down,,etc,,,,luckily it was super fast little car in its day,,so it was sold to younger guys who were all kinda buddies,,and sorta lived in the same area of nj,,,and the last lead i had,,was an address in rural nj,,and when visiting my mom on mothers day,,i left and went to my last "lead",,and the owners parents answered the door,,i asked if they had a son named henry who bought a dart convertible from a guy abt 1985,,they were 70+ years old themselves,,and shockingly said "if you'd like to see it,,it's out back in the woods". they said he had quite a few "projects" back there,,but had since married,,moved away and had a family of his own,,and they would love to see that stuff get hauled away. I told them the story,,showed them pictures from 1970 of me (3 yrs old) and my mom standing next to it,,and she made a phone call to her son,,and told her he was honored to gift us the car,,and told his parents,,"i knew i hung on to that car for a reason!"